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Hello there, my name is Rebecca. I started The Rubbish Revival in 2011 while living in Santa Barbara, California. I was a new mom trying to make sense of the changes that life was bringing, and found that creating and starting a small business was the sensible thing to do... since being a new mom is such a piece of cake!

I was collecting lots of sea glass, driftwood, sea stones, and bones and wanted to make something out of them. I saw a short clip from a Martha Stewart show about a woman in Maine, Jane Moran Porter, who made beautiful sea glass mobiles. I was so impressed and tried the idea out, making sure to add my own personal style to the process. A local shop started to carry the mobiles and asked if I would create a line of sea glass jewelry, which I did and The Rubbish Revival got its official start. 

I've had so many wonderful friends and family help me along the way. There have been shop owners and mentors who continue to help things grow. I'm proud to employ a handful of dedicated craftswomen who make our continued success possible. And a special shout-out to my daughter and dog, they are the reason I continue to work with joy and desire for a better world for all its creatures and generations. 



The name The Rubbish Revival came to me while reading an article about sea glass written by someone from England. Sea glass was referred to as rubbish in its original state, which, well, it is! I just love how the ocean takes something so tragic as garbage from humans and turns it into something so many of us treasure. Reviving rubbish has always been a passion of mine, whether it's a discarded piece of furniture or recycled bits of glass, I love finding ways to make beautiful and useful things that bring beauty to everyday life. 



At The Rubbish Revival, we are passionate about using found objects, recycled materials, and sustainably sourced components. The design process each of our products goes through is done with intention; we want to create and produce objects of beauty that last longer than just a season. We will always be looking for ways to bring beauty into your world while caring for the one we share.


Rebecca Long, Founder