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Sea Glass Suncatcher - Starfish Top

$44.00 CAD
Add a little color and beach vibe to your world with this handmade sea glass suncatcher. Each piece of sea glass is carefully chosen and hand-tied to create a delicate but lasting mini-mobile. 

Hang this little cutie inside or outside and let the calming colors carry you to the beach all year long. 

These sea glass suncatchers are created with sea glass made from 100% recycled glass bottles have real starfish toppers, each one different and unique from the next. 

Choose your favorite color scheme: Aqua ombre, Royal Ombre, Green Ombre, Ocean Ombre, solid, green, solid seafoam, or solid white. 

Starfish is roughly 2" x 2"
Length is roughly 14 - 18"

Please get in touch if you have a request for multiples, these make lovely decorations for a wedding or a housewarming gift.