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Sea Glass & Driftwood Mobile - Aquamarine Dream

$133.00 CAD

This is a sea glass mobile / sun catcher / wind chime made with sea glass, tumbled glass, and hung on driftwood found on the beach. It is handmade in Coastal Massachusetts. Each mobile is a one of a kind item. Every piece of tumbled glass is hand tied with fishing line.

There are 97 pieces of sea glass (real and tumbled) in this mobile. I have used the following color: Light Aqua

-widest point on the driftwood : 14"
-from top of rope to longest string of glass: 26"

I recommend hanging this in a highly visible, sunny spot indoors or out. The sound of the glass is very delicate and charming. This is not made to withstand rough winds, so if hung outside use common sense as to the location.